They should investigate this stuff at the John Ruiz School of Law at Miami.

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Civil disobedience.

Why isn’t the shouting down of an asshole speaker considered just that and applicable penalties enforced? Is it anything more than what demonstrators do when they have a sit in on a bridge blocking traffic?

I can understand lawyers being disgusted at future members of their profession displaying extremely poor judgment. But, these are students without a voice fighting a power differential that is too huge. So they resort to civil disobedience, a tool that has precedents in history, and lauded during the 60s as something noble.

Climate change activists chaining themselves, disrupting business are not pilloried as much.

Neither are State actions that restrict speech. Sure there’re people who acknowledge that Florida is really coming down hard, but you’ll still see far more Substack articles denouncing these Stanford students than the far more grievous State actions.

Jane Fonda gets arrested for violating some law, non-violently. Fined and released. If one feels inclined, do the same here. Of all the shitty things that happen, this is pretty low on the totem pole.

I do believe that the first actual demonstration of countering Duncan with “more speech” will dissuade the shouting down approach. Maybe some free speech advocates can band together and do this as a public service.

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