Hi Ari, I was wondering if you could give any insight as to why the industry has yet to file a constitutional challenge to the Utah law, or similar ones in other states (such as Arkansas). Based on your analysis, it should be a slam dunk. Do you know what is behind the delay, and if a challenge is even being considered?

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A lot of times it has to do with effective dates and/or administrative rulemaking. For instance, the Utah age verification provisions don't go into effect until next year, and the law calls for rulemaking on how verification should be done prior to that time. So it makes sense to wait until the rulemaking happens so the state can't simply say "well you don't know what we would come up with, maybe it would satisfy the constitutional concerns."

As for Arkansas, I wouldn't be surprised to see a suit soon. Lawsuits take time to plan out and put together, so I wouldn't interpret the delay as anything other than getting ducks in a row.

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